Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reforming the Monarchy

State Opening of Parliament
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Gordon Brown and Buckingham Palace have discussed plans to change the rules of succession to the throne, including giving royal women equal rights.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said:

"To bring about changes to the law on succession would be a complex undertaking involving amendment or repeal of a number of items of related legislation, as well as requiring the consent of legislatures of member nations of the Commonwealth.
"We are examining this complex area although there are no immediate plans to legislate."

Proceeding slowly is the wise course of action, given the complexities of reforming a law of succession that has been in place since Queen Anne in 1701. Still, I think ending the restriction against a monarch marrying a Roman Catholic is long overdue, given the fact that a great number of Brits today hardly go to church, with an increasing number claiming no religion and a steady growth of Islam.

But still, proceed slowly. Change is necessary, but ought to come slowly. I believe the English monarchy provides a principle of order, stability and continuity to the government. Healthy change is the means of social preservation, and the monarchy has shown itself quite able to change when it needed in order to serve the people of the realm more efficiently.

Read BBC News article here.

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