Friday, March 27, 2009

The Diversity Scam

From Rod Dreher

John McWhorter, an African-American Obama-supporting Democrat who often gets mislabeled a "conservative because of his criticism of racial preferences in job placement and college admissions, talks truth about the diversity scam.

My inability to cherish my brown students as the invaluable quintessence of diverseness is in no way "conservative." For example, I am all for adjusting admissions procedures to account for class as opposed to race. If a brown student went to a school where there were no Advanced Placement classes or had a tough home life and yet gives all indication of being a hungry and diligent student, less-than-astounding SATs should not keep him from admission to a good school.

This is also true, however, of his white equivalent. By the time I left U.C. Berkeley in 2002, admissions were based not on pigment but hardship. This meant admitting brown people who had grown up the hard way - but also white ones and Asian ones. It felt right.

Hat tip to The young Fogey

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