Friday, July 06, 2007

Blogging hiatus

Given the pressures of writing a dissertation, I have decided to take a long break from blogging. I hope to be done with my dissertation in January, and to meet that deadline, I must make every use of my long vacation from teaching this summer.

I will conitnue to post a few things here and there, but will not be doing so with any degree of regularity.

Please keep me in your prayers, that I may take on this task with due diligence.


D.A. Silvestri said...


You are in my prayers. :-)

D.A. Silvestri said...


You are in my prayers :-)

Benedictus said...

Thank you! I will need them.

In the fall, I will my one-page abstract of my dissertation.

Anonymous said...

My Dad used to say that if there was a fire he would get the dissertation and then get the children. That was in the days of the typewriter.