Thursday, January 08, 2009

On second thought, no!

No, I won't be closing this blog down, by the advice of many friends who enjoy it. I will, however, be on a long hiatus, as I am trying to finish a dissertation that needs to be turned in SOON!

After February, I will be back on the helm of The Permanent Things in order to bring you thoughtful essays about faith, the life of the mind, and politics. I am thinking of bringing onboard someone who will co-author this blog for me, since it's good to hear from others. I'm thinking of tapping a friend in England who might just be perfect in presenting you with good, thought-provoking essays on Austrian economics, foreign policy (U.S., U.K. and E.U.), and other such goodies.

Stay tuned!


The Western Confucian said...

Good news. I left that link up for a reason!

Benedictus said...

I noticed! Thanks!

Rachel said...