Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fool in His Heart

Or, Why Atheism is Irrational and Agnosticism is not.

By Father Gregory:

Why Atheism is irrational and Agnosticism is not. Why Theism is established both with reason and beyond reason.My definition of atheism – the categorical denial of the existence of a deity or deities.My definition of agnosticism – the inability to be able to know one way or the other whether or not a deity or deities exist.Under these definitions an atheism committed to positivism will regard an agnostic as a cowardly, misguided or delusional atheist. No matter, I am sticking with these definitions as the claim that positivism is a sufficient description of reality and reality talk is a self defeating position .... bound that is to undermine itself.So why is atheism (thus defined) irrational?What is “irrational” though? ... Irrationality is the absence of rationality. What is rationality? Rationality is the conjunction of logical thinking and evidence by the mapping of the former to the latter in a model building process.Why then is atheism the violation of such conjunctional mapping?Consider the supposed evidences for theism. One might be the adaptation of life to survival in a given environment. Life has tenacity. To what do we attribute this tenacity? An atheist might simply reply that genes are selfish in their programming for survival. A theist might contend that such apparent selfishness is rather indicative of a grander purpose to life and that this purpose is divinely inscribed in this tenacity.

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