Friday, September 12, 2008

Of your charity...

...please add Perry Robinson of Energetic Procession to your prayer list, and help out any way you can, through money, or perhaps more importantly, empoyment leads in the St. Louis area.

He writes: "As some of you know, last June I lost my teaching position and my academic career was terminated. Needless to say this was due to my having integrity. If I had been dishonest and gone about things in a non-biblical manner by going to the person who stole from me privately, I wouldn’t be in this mess today. If I had know that I was dealing with principalities and powers rather than apparent ministers of righteousness, I would have gone about things differently. But the past is over and done with. As things stand, my wife is still working part time while I look for some kind of employment sufficient to meet our financial needs, while we take turns watching our three girls."

Read the rest here, and pray and do what you can.

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