Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Science Confirms what Orthodox Christians Have known for Centuries: INCENSE IS GOOD FOR YOU!

By Rich Maloof:

Scientific papers aren’t usually tagged with very exciting titles, but recently I came across a real barn burner: Incensole Acetate, an Incense Component, Elicits Psychoactivity by Activating TRPV3 Channels in the Brain.
Reading between the lines of lab-coat lingo, I realized the report was saying that frankincense—the incense traditionally burned in religious ceremonies—can act on the brain to lower anxiety and diminish depression.
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Hebrew University administered incensole acetate, a component of frankincense, to lab mice and learned that it lit up areas of their little mouse brains that control emotion, including nerve circuits affecting anxiety and depression.

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The fragrance of sanctity is actually good for you after all!!!

For my separated brethren on the West Roman side of the Bosporus: Here's wishing your good Bishop well as he wears down the Post-Vatican II Orcs and restores this venerable and ancient practice on the parish level. Your health may well depend on it!!! ;-)

Biretta tip to: Ben Johnson


bríde said...

The better I get to know you, the more I realize that you just *would* post this.


chriself said...

All those years of making sure the charcoal is hot has been for the betterment of our overall health, not just for the betterment of our prayers and spiritual growth? Keep at it!

Oh wait...there's that minor issue of you Cantor in the choir loft....