Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tibetan Protest in San Francisco Ahead of Olympic Torch Relay

So now China has its first Olympic games, and wants to polish its image to the world.

Tibet, of course, is going to make it very difficult for her to do that.

I think it quite interesting, and hypocritical, that the U.S., in cooperation with NATO, would recognize and virtually create an expanded Islamic state in the Balkans which oppresses Christians, would completely ignore Tibet's cry for self-determination. Tibet, IMHO, has an even better claim to independence and self-determination than Kosovo, and yet we turn a blind eye to China's relentless campaign of destruction and oppression of this ancient and venerable people.

Read the BBC article here

My two-cents worth:

We turn a blind eye primarily because we are now economically beholden to China! We are so much in debt that we dare not raise our voices to our new economic masters. They own our debt, and it will not be long before we, too, will be dictated to in our foreign and domestic policies. We can stop buying Chinese products, and that will force us to tighten our belts, pay our debts and live within our means. Will we do that? Not bloody likely.

In the meantime, China continues to grow exponentlially, and we are selling her the rope by which she will hang us as well. Or should I say, we are borrowing more to buy the rope (on credit), so that when we can no longer pay, China will hang us. She will continue to have a free hand in Tibet, and the "leader of the free world" will have nothing to say about it. We will go after small fish like Robert Mugabe, but will continue to be silent about China's oppression of Tibet.

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