Monday, January 28, 2008

Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens, RIP

I had mixed feelings about his ministry, for the reasons that this article will show.

However, since he was an able shepherd of Christ's flock, carrying out his duty in celebrating the mysteries and guarding the sacraments to the end of time, I will exclaim: Requiescas in Pace, pastor Christi! Memory Eternal!

From the BBC News Service:

An attempted liver transplant in 2007 was unsuccessful, and the archbishop had grown steadily weaker recently.
Archbishop Christodoulos was a colourful and controversial figure, the BBC's Malcolm Brabant in Greece says.

He defended the church's pre-eminent role in the state and upheld Hellenism - the national character and culture of Greece, our correspondent says.

But critics say that under Archbishop Christodoulos, Greece remained a country which discriminates against those who are not Orthodox, including Catholics and worshippers of other branches of Christianity.

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