Friday, April 20, 2007

Anti-Americanism in Venezuela

Yes, we Yanks have misbehaved (and perhaps still do), but all of Latin America's problems cannot be laid at the feet of "The Great Satan." If anti-Americanism was the motivating factor in the Venzuelan parliament's vote to grant Mr. Chavez sweeping new powers (, then a classic case of "cutting off your nose to spite your face" would be at work here, and it won't be long before they regret it.

Here is the latest:

For the second in a series of sceptical snapshots of the anti-American world, the BBC's Washington correspondent Justin Webb travelled to Caracas, the car-choked, sweltering capital of oil-rich Venezuela.

Chavez is one of the ringleaders of the anti-American movementWhy Caracas? Because at the moment it is the heart - the very epicentre - of Latin anti-Americanism.
Venezuela is unusual, indeed unique. It is a Latin American nation which in recent years has become rich enough to have the power to tell the US to take a hike. And Hugo Chavez, the democratically elected leader, loses no opportunity to do just that.
In the early part of this century, he became one of the ringleaders of the worldwide anti-American movement.
Hugo said this recently about George: "The imperialist, mass murdering, fascist attitude of the president of the United States doesn't have limits. I think Hitler could be a nursery baby next to George W Bush."

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