Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tridentine Mass on YouTube

Biretta tip to Subdeacon Ben Andersen:

Missa Solemnis from the SSPX Seminary in Flavigny, France

Part I: Procession, Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, Introit, Kyrie (

Part II: Gloria, Collects, Epistle (

Part III: Gradual, Gospel (

Part IV: Credo (

Part V: Offertory (

Part VI: Preface, Sanctus, Canon (

Part VII: Pater Noster, Pax, Agnus Dei, Communion (

Part VIII: Ablutions, Postcommunio, Dismissal, Last Gospel (


Doc Hannon said...

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We'd be very grateful if you would post about our journal and link to and blogroll our blog.

God bless you!

Benedictus said...

I have just bookmarked your excellent blog, and alerted my readers of it in my most recent blog entry. Thank you! I look forward to many visits.

God bless you!