Thursday, March 02, 2006

NCC's "Sua Culpa"

Here they go again! The National Council of Churches, faced with dwindling numbers of congregants, are nonetheless hell-bent (I mean this in every possible way) on their own downhill-slide to permanent irrelevance. And of course, whose sins are they confessing? Not their own, but George W. Bush's. Who is leading this "litany"? I'm ashamed to say, it is a member of my own communion, Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky, of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). A humble request to the OCA: Please follow us Antiochians out of this Babylon.

Here's the scoop from Alan Wisdom on


Huw Raphael said...

Two points of order: it was the WCC and the American office of the WCC that was meeting - not the NCC... (two different organisations, although there is often overlap, of course).

And, at least as I read the text the sins confessed were "we didn't speak out enough..." which, while you may disagree w/ the politics, isn't the same thing as confessing someone else's sins.

Benedictus said...

Wow, a comment!!!

Thanks, Huw, for your thoughtful response, and for the clarification.

I am not particularly a huge Bush fan (being a paleo-conservative, I have little use for "neo-cons"), but I am critical of the one-sidedness of the NCC's and WCC's political posturing. As a matter of fact, I question whether or not organizations such as this, which purports to be for the purpose of encouraging greater Christian unity should have ANY political posturing at all. It's not to say that such organizations should not have opinions about certain policies that affect the ministry of the church, but in the end, they should offer something different from the talking points of the DNC and (and for that matter, from that of the RNC, to keep it fair).

In their litany of human rights abuses, I have as yet to hear them raise any "prophetic objections" against the gross human rights violations and repressions that go on in my native Cuba (itself a member, along with Libya and China, of the UN's Human Rights Commission-what a joke!!!).

Anyway, those are my humble thoughts about the matter. My blog is rather ecclectic, with a little theology, philosophy, politics, etc., but I'll try not to be so controversial;-)

Pax tecum, frater.