Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Former Cuban Revolutionary Officer Sees need for Change in Cuba


FROM CUBA"The situation must change," says former military officer
Havana, Cuba. January (Jorge Olivera Castillo/ - "The situation must change," said a former military officer referring to the country's political and economic situations. "Otherwise, we must prepare for a violent end."
The former officer, who didn't want his name used, is now 70 and drives a taxi to make ends meet. Although he doesn't have the required licenses, he said his credentials as a retired member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces still have some clout and allow him to evade the occasional fine and possible confiscation of his automobile for using it in an illegal enterprise.
The former military, who said he had participated with Cuban forces in conflicts abroad, expressed disappointment. "I thought my old age would be different, but I was wrong. The dreams have become nightmares," he said.
"The revolutionary process has been a failure," he said. "Almost half a century thrown overboard. I think I realized it too late."

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